Last Minute Home Showing Checklist

Piper Stein

The “For Sale” sign is in the yard, the deep cleaning has been done, and any repairs have been completed. That’s all that’s left to do, right? Well, if you want to make the best impression possible on those interested in buying your home, don’t forget about these last-minute items. 

Here is my list of the last minute checklist of what to do right before a showing or an open house to have your home shown in the best way possible:

1.) Clear the Counters

I know that walking into your house from running errands, the tables and countertops can easily become a drop zone for a variety of clutter that you may not even realize. Put out a dedicated basket or bag where you can put everything away quickly, and take it with you when you leave.

2.) Wipe Countertops Clean

Aside from clutter, you want to make sure any dust or spills are long gone. A spotless kitchen or bathroom goes a long way when buyers are walking through wondering if they could see themselves living in your home. While you’re at it - make sure the kitchen sink and appliances are squeaky clean as well. 

3.) Make All The Beds

Provide a hotel-like feel for when buyers enter this personal space. Tidy up any throw pillows and smooth out blankets to rid of any wrinkles or lumps on your bedspread. A well-polished look in the bedrooms creates a great impression on buyers. 

4.) Empty All Trash Cans

Enough said, right? We don’t want any foul odors or visually unappealing trash. Yes, potential buyers may open a few cabinets to get a feel for their condition, and we don’t want last night’s dinner impacting their assessment.

5.) Secure Your Valuables

Do not leave loose changes, cash, expensive jewelry, financial documents, prescription drugs, and any other valuables in plain sight. Lock them away in a secure place for every showing. 

6.) Turn on Lights and Open Windows & Blinds

Right before you head out, make your space look more inviting by turning on all the lights. Buyers love when natural light floods through a home so make sure you’re showing off as much as you can with those open window blinds, even if that’s not typically how you have them set up for privacy. 

7.) Take Your Pets and Their Things With You

I know this can sometimes be a hassle, but I cannot stress the importance of making sure your pets are with you along with any beds, toys, litter boxes, etc. The smell of pets can be very distracting and can be a turn off to some buyers. People may even be allergic to pet hair,  so removing all traces as best you can will certainly help. 

8.) Clear the Entryways

Any extra shoes, hats, or jackets that typically land in your entryway should be properly stowed away in their respective closet to ensure that your space feels more open and airy.

9.) Boost The Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is super important as it’s the first thing people see when they pull up to the home. Clear the driveway, sweep the walkways, and ensure any plants that have seen better days have been removed or replaced with fresh ones.

10.) Final Touches

Right before you head out the door, close all toilet seats, fluff pillows on the couch, make sure the temperature is comfortable, spot check the floor for crumbs, and anything else that is unique to your property that will truly make it look its best!


Remember that extra charm of keeping it clean and tidy might just seal the deal for a buyer who is on the fence. The key is to maintain a good cleaning and organizing habit so every home showing will go a bit smoother even if you are still living in the home. 

Once the home looks its best, it’s my turn to step in and get your home sold. Read raving testimonials here from past clients to hear about their experience working with me as their agent.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, contact me to learn more about the process and how we can work together to achieve your real estate goals! 

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